Nov 12, 2015

IMPACT: Portable GIS Toolbox for image processing and land cover mapping

Did you ever try to produce a reliable land cover map from Earth Observation data? How many steps are involved and how many different tools do you need? Did you succeed in a reasonable amount of time? IMPACT toolbox offers a combination of elements of remote sensing, photo interpretation and processing technologies in a portable and stand-alone GIS environment.

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Image extraction, layerstack, radiometric calibration, normalization, mosaicking, automatic classification and segmentation could be easily performed while a user-friendly environment offers map editing and validation features. Based on open sources technologies, IMPACT relies on GeoExt, OpenLayers and Mapserver for the graphical user interface and raster/vector rendering; EO data processing is carried out by GDAL and Python. Single-date or multi-date segmentation is performed throughout Baazt segmenter libraries (Inpe’s TerraAIDA Operators).