May 24, 2011

ImageSat and RapidEye Construct Partnership Agreement

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Brandenburg/Havel, Germany, May 24, 2011 – RapidEye, a leader in wide area, repetitive coverage of Earth through its constellation of satellites announced today that a partnership agreement has been signed between RapidEye and the ImageSat International.

The agreement allows ImageSat to use RapidEye imagery to colorize their panchromatic 0.7 meter resolution imagery to produce a colorized product.

John Ahlrichs, RapidEye’s Vice President commented, “This unique partnership combines the strengths of two major imaging companies. RapidEye’s global, fresh archive of five meter data is the perfect source for ImageSat to use in creating a color ImageSat product. We can almost guarantee that we will have imagery in our extensive archive that will meet the needs of Imagesat and their customers.”

“This partnership allows ImageSat to bring another dimension to the very high resolution panchromatic EROS images,” said Rani Hellerman, Director of Business Development for ImageSat. “The combination of RapidEye’s constellation and the EROS satellites allows ImageSat to offer colorized data with great quality for a wide range of applications.“

RapidEye is continually forming strategic partnerships in multiple markets with the goal of creating business opportunities worldwide.

About ImageSat
ImageSat International N.V is the owner and operator of the EROS A and EROS B very high resolution imaging satellites, providing high-quality imaging services, satisfying its customers with maximum autonomy, secrecy and flexibility.

ImageSat serves a global customer base, comprised of governments and international agencies, which utilize EROS satellite imagery primarily for National Security, Homeland Security and Environmental Security, as well as a wide range of civilian applications. For more information visit

About RapidEye AG
RapidEye is a provider of quality high-resolution satellite imagery and derived geo-information products. With a constellation of five Earth Observation satellites, RapidEye images over 4 million square kilometers of Earth every day, and has amassed over 2 billion square kilometers of imagery in just over two years of commercial operation. With an unprecedented combination of wide area repetitive coverage and five meter pixel size multi- spectral imagery, RapidEye is an obvious and cost-effective choice for many industries and government agencies. RapidEye: Delivering the World.

RapidEye Contact
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Molkenmarkt 30
14776 Brandenburg a. d. Havel, Germany