Jul 22, 2010

Green Ideas for Earth Observation Data and Satellite Navigation

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T-Systems and the European Space Agency (ESA) award the GMES Masters prize for the best idea in line with the international innovation contest “European Satellite Navigation Competition 2010”. Companies and innovators anywhere in the world are welcome to participate.

The two organisations are looking for business models for the European Earth observation programme (GMES), in a GMES core service area – land, marine, or emergency.

The applications should be based on dynamic earth-observation data and global satellite navigation systems, and utilise space- and ground-based communications infrastructures. The portal for submitting ideas will be open at https://esnc.galileo-masters.com until 31st July 2010.


In addition to the T-Systems special topic prize, participants have the opportunity to compete for one of 23 regional prizes, as well as for the competition’s grand prize of EUR20,000. The winner will be recognised at an awards ceremony to be held at the Munich Residenz on 18th October 2010.

For further information on the T-Systems special topic prize please refer to
http://galileo-masters.eu/index.php?anzeige=special_prizes_t-systems.html and to www.gmes.info orhttp://www.esa.int/esaLP/LPgmes.html for more information on the GMES programme.