Oct 19, 2009

GMES topics to be integrated in scientific and mathematics studies in the UK

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The National Space Centre (the UK’s largest visitor attraction dedicated to space and space exploration) and the UK University of Surrey have developed a range of new activities and innovative teaching approaches for scientific and mathematics studies, using GMES topics. As a result of a coordinated work between current GMES scientists and Advanced Skills Teachers and other outstanding educators, the following all-day teacher master classes have been produced:

-GMES:how can space science benefit life on Earth?
-New experiments for post-16 science teachers
-Input from current space scientists
-A focus on active learning techniques to engage all students
-A focus on “How Science Works” applied to GMES

Experimental activities, digital and printed resources for immediate use within the classroom are included into the sessions. The latter are delivered by the Space Academy partnership’s Lead Educators (science teachers who are seconded to the Space Academy project) and practising GMES scientists.

Launched in October 2008, the Space Academy is a partnership between the National Space Centre, the University of Leicester, University of Nottingham, Science Learning Centre East Midlands, STEMNET and EMDA (East Midlands Development Agency).

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