Jul 27, 2011

GMES Marine Environment Monitoring

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MyOcean improves service to users

An upgraded version of the service delivered by MyOcean is available since 5 July 2011. This new version offers 42 upgraded products and 32 new products. Most of the 215 available products are now available online via the MyOcean Data Access Portal and access to data has been simplified significantly.

In order to help users switching over to the upgraded products, MyOcean has arranged a transition period for most of the products. Current and upgraded versions of these products will be produced in parallel until mid-September 2011 (allowing a 2 months transition period).

The detailed list of product name changes, product upgrades and sample file links so as the list of new products is available at?

The complete press release from the MyOcean project can be downloaded “here”:

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