May 13, 2012

Geospatial Data Management and Exploitation for the Utilities Industry

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Utility companies work with many kinds of geospatial data including LiDAR and imagery, and must efficiently manage and update asset information as well as their land base. In addition, these companies are faced with environmental and safety mandates, which results in volumes of land use inspections, photos, field analysis and surveys that also need to be managed along with geospatial data.

Utilities companies need to be able to create value added data products, manage this information and get access to it when needed – for real-time decision-making. Many utility providers have highly complex business models with a variety of field assets and large workforces, requiring a suite of industry specific solutions to address work design, network asset management, outage management, and integrated mobile work force management.

On May 15, Intergraph is hosting a webinar that will demonstrate how easy it is to use our remote sensing and data management tools to accomplish effective data analysis and efficiently organize all data assets. During this webinar, we will illustrate several remote sensing applications for utility asset management that enable utilities to detect changes in geospatial imagery and LiDAR data to monitor transmission corridors, power lines and poles, and analyze for vegetation encroachment. In addition, we’ll show how remote sensing can be feasibly employed in-house for environmental impact statements, planning a new corridor or understanding the fire potential in remote areas.

We highly encourage anyone dealing with geospatial data management in the utilities sector to check out this webinar. Click here to learn more