Jun 02, 2016

Consultations with Commercial Sector and Modes of Engagement with GEO (EC DG RTD)

(Only for Commercial Entities)
GEO, the Group on Earth Observations, is contributing significant global and regional capabilities to help improve the state of decision-making. GEO is keen to extend the benefits to more categories of users and is now looking towards the commercial sector as a key strategic partner to get this done. From partnerships with Earth observation providers, to cloud services providers, to application and software developers, to big data analytics within sector specific businesses – we see major opportunities on the horizon, but would like to forge closer ties with the commercial sector in a more systematic way.

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Feedback of private sector on this consultation is therefore very important as to understand what could be the best arrangement among the different approaches for the dialogue with the commercial sector that GEO has been considering. The ultimate objective is to create a framework that would provide the most opportunities and benefits to a commercial entity and GEO to be associated with each other.

Questions to solicit views on possible modes of engagement: what type of association would be most appealing to you:

  • Do you have experience with either form of engagement?
  • As a company, what do find most valuable in being associated with other organizations?
  • What opportunities would your company be most interested in?
  • What type of association would you wish to cultivate with GEO?
  • Given GEO’s work, what types of mutual benefits could you envision?
  • What would you expect to provide in return for an association with GEO?
  • If GEO were to commit to organizing a regular engagement forum, are there any particular characteristics that the forum should have to be worthwhile to you?
  • Does the notion of entering into a defined relationship with GEO as a Corporate Associate appeal to you? How would you see it working?
  • As a Small/Medium-size Business, what particular considerations can you think of that may be relevant to GEO’s engagement with Small and Medium Size Enterprises?
  • Is there an international or regional association of commercial companies working in the same sector as you that could represent a collective interest and act as a conduit within GEO?
  • Would you prefer to interact with GEO through such an intermediary organization, or would you prefer direct engagement?

In the end, what drives this effort is our interest to ensure that public and private sectors are making well-informed decisions, making a full use of the best science and data that GEO members collectively contribute as a public good.

GEO and Commercial Sector

Please send your feedback via mail to Gilles Ollier (Gilles.Ollier_at_ec.europa.eu) quoting EARSC channel by 10 June 2016 at the latest.