Jul 27, 2016

GEO and Commercial Sector Engagement - Have Your Say

Take the GEO survey for the commercial sector on the engagement in GEO.

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The Members of GEO are contributing significant global and regional capabilities to help improve the state of decision-making and are keen to extend the benefits of the use of Earth observations. We are looking towards the commercial sector as a key strategic partner in this endeavour. From partnerships with Earth observation providers, to cloud services providers, to application and software developers, to big data analytics within sector specific businesses – we see major opportunities on the horizon. GEO has had contributions from a number of commercial companies and associations at a programmatic level in selected projects, and we are seeing promising early results of these collaborations.

We would like to forge closer ties with the commercial sector in a more systematic way, and hope you can offer feedback on the various approaches that we have been considering. Our goal is to create a framework that would provide the most opportunities and benefits to a commercial entity and GEO to be associated with each other.

This questionnaire is to solicit your views on what kinds of association might be most appealing to you.

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