May 20, 2015

Gabon mining sector project awarded to GAF

(Munich, May 20, 2015) GAF AG, Germany and its partner Sofreco, France, are pleased to announce the awarding of the “Renforcement des Capacités de l’ Administration des Mines” contract and the initiation of activities in Gabon. The client and beneficiary is the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Tourism in Gabon. The project has been launched as a response to Gabon’s request for assistance in developing its mineral sector.

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The project addresses a challenging portfolio of activities in the field of geological and environmental mapping, mineral potential assessment and institutional strengthening. The key aspects include:

 Geological and geotechnical mapping of the cities of Libreville and Owendo
 Mapping of environmentally sensitive areas in the whole of Gabon
 Synthesis of a metallogenic map of Gabon
 Provision of support in promoting the use of mining and geological data, and establishment of procedures and facilities via which operators can obtain mining and geological data
 Supporting of integration regarding the Kimberley process
 Institutional and technical capacity building activities

The overall aim is to make the mining sector more attractive to private sector investment. This will strengthen the contribution of Gabon’s mining sector to economic development. The assignment is well-suited to GAF, which has a track-record of more than 20 years of experience in the provision of institutional and technical assistance in mining sector governance programmes via its consultancy services and cutting-edge software solutions.

The project has a duration of two years and is part of the “PROGRAMME D’APPUI A LA GOUVERNANCE SECTORIELLE (PAGOS)” that supports mining sector governance in Gabon. It is financed by the European Union through the 10th European Development Fund.

About GAF AG – Germany
GAF AG is a leading solutions company with an international reputation as a skilled provider of data, products and services in the fields of geo-information, spatial IT and consulting for private and public clients. Over the past 30 years, the company has been active in more than 1000 projects in over 100 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. The company is part of the Telespazio Group, which belongs to Finmeccanica and Thales, two European technology leaders. GAF is currently performing mining governance and consulting projects in a number of countries, including Morocco, Mongolia, Nigeria, Laos, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Tajikistan, Burkina Faso and Afghanistan.

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