Jul 31, 2009

FP7 'Cooperation' Work Programme 2010 and related Calls for proposals

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On 30 July 2009 the FP7 ‘Cooperation’ Work Programme 2010 and related Calls for proposals were published with around 60 research topics under the Environment (including climate change) Theme.

For the fourth time during FP7, DG Research launched a major call open for participants from Member States, Associated countries, International Cooperation Partner Countries, and other countries to submit proposals in areas such as climate change, environment and health, biodiversity, environmental technologies and earth observation, among others. A budget of 213 million ? has been allocated to these calls from the Environment Theme . One major novelty this year is the many cross-thematic calls which have been launched to address topical socio-economic challenges.

In focus: the Environment Calls at a glance
The Environment Theme covers five different calls under the 2010 Work Programme:

Main Environment Call (FP-ENV-2010 and FP-ERANET-2010-RTD); ? 175 M, Deadline for proposals: 5 January 2010
The Ocean of Tomorrow (FP7-OCEAN-2010); ? 34 M, of which 10.5 from Environment Theme; Deadline: 14 January 2010
Africa Call (FP7-AFRICA-2010); ? 63 M, of which 17.5 from Environment Theme; Deadline: 14 January 2010
Green Cars (FP7-2010-GC-ELECTROCHEMICAL-STORAGE); ? 25 M, of which 5 from Environment Theme; Deadline: 14 January 2010
Energy-Efficient Buildings (FP7-2010-NMP-ENV-ENERGY-ICT-EeB); ?65 M, of which 5 from Environment Theme; Deadline: 3 November 2009
Info Days will be held in Brussels on 16-18 September on the first three calls (see below), whereas Info Days on the last two calls took place in July.

For your agenda
The European Commission is organising Info Days on the recently published calls for proposals of FP7 in Brussels on 16 – 18 September. The Info Days are meant for everyone interested in the research opportunities offered by the “The Ocean of Tomorrow” Call, the “Environment (including Climate Change)” Call and the Africa Call. That means researchers and research institutions, universities, industry, small and medium size enterprises, civil society organizations, other non-state actors, and National Contact Points.
For more information on the “The Ocean of Tomorrow” Call, please follow this link:
For more information on the “Environment (including Climate Change)” Call, please follow this link:
For more information on the Africa Call, please follow this link:

Info Day on “The Ocean of Tomorrow” Call
16 September 2009
Charlemagne Conference Centre, Rue de la Loi 170, Brussels
Excellence in marine and maritime research, and in particular improved integration between all the relevant scientific disciplines, are needed to address complex sea-related issues in the framework of the EU maritime policy. This is an essential objective of the Com­munication “A European Strategy for Marine and Maritime Research” (COM (2008) 534), adopted in September 2008, which suggested, among other actions, to launch joint calls under FP7 in 2009-2010 on major research topics requiring a cross-thematic approach. The “Ocean of Tomorrow” Call is the first Commission initiative to implement this commitment.
The objective of the call is to build the knowledge base for a sus­tainable growth of sea-based activities. It will do this in two ways: by improving understanding of marine ecosystems? response to a combination of natural and anthropogenic factors, and by providing a scientific foundation for feasible, sustainable management measures supporting policies and related technologies.
To dowload the programme, please click here: http://ec.europa.eu/research/agriculture/pdf/ocean-infoday_en.pdf (PDF, 1.7MB).
To request a registration form, please send an e-mail to: RTD-OCEAN-CALL@ec.europa.eu

Info Day on the “Environment (including Climate Change)” Call
17 September 2009

Conference Centre Albert Borschette (CCAB), rue Froissart 36, Brussels
The aim of the call is to continue supporting the main environmental policy and S&T drivers in the area of climate and environmental change, their consequences and the link to other sectors such as energy, transport, agriculture, etc. Furthermore, the goal is to address in detail some new policy drivers such as the development of a post-2012 climate agreement, the Adaptation White Paper, the Communications on prevention and disaster risk reduction, the European Economic Recovery Plan, the Energy-Climate Package as well as the Renewed Lisbon Agenda by taking into account the Strategic Agenda of the Community Lisbon Programme (CLP) (2008-2010). Here, particular emphasis will be put on the ’10 key objectives’ including sustainable consumption and production, renewable energies and low-carbon and resource-efficient products in order to enhance the development and uptake of environmentally friendly technologies and services.
In the current context of economic insecurity and the emerging and increasing competition for natural resources and environmental services, the aim of the WP2010 is to address ‘Environmental safety and welfare’ as an overarching theme for all activities across the work programme 2010. The objective would be, through research, to contribute to assessing, reducing and preventing tensions and conflicts related to the depletion of natural resources and environmental services which are arising due to rapid environmental changes and/or natural and man-made hazards.
To dowload the programme, please click here: http://circa.europa.eu/Public/irc/rtd/rtdenv2010call/library?l=/programmepdf/_EN_1.0_&a=d (PDF, 1.6MB)
To register, please click here: http://ec.europa.eu/yourvoice/ipm/forms/dispatch?form=ENVIRONMENTInfoday&lang=en

Info Day on the Africa Call
18 September 2009

Conference Centre Albert Borschette (CCAB), rue Froissart 36, Brussels
A global promise to ease hunger for millions has been undermined by financial turmoil and climate change. Meanwhile, fears about global water and food security continue to grow, as does public concern for the health of populations in developing countries. In this context, the publication of the Africa call from the 7th Research Framework Programme represents a great opportunity for strengthening Africa?s base in research areas addressing these complex issues.
The EU-AFRICA Strategic Partnership has paved the way to this call, implemented jointly by the Themes: ?Health?, ?Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology? and ?Environment (including climate change)?, which will fund projects aimed at enhancing African socio-economic development and capacity building.
The call is structured around the two major areas “Water and Food Security “ and “Better Health for Africa”. It has a holistic approach involving various scientific and technological research fields, such as food, agriculture, health, land and water resources, including their interaction with climate change and integrating broader socio-economic factors such as migration and resettlement, urbanisation, health care systems and programme interventions. Research activities are intended to strengthen local capacities. Achieving the expected impact means that the involvement of local stakeholders and regional actors is of paramount importance. Funded projects will provide innovative management, governance tools and technologies suitable for the relevant authorities and stakeholders, empowering them to reduce poverty, increase food security and enhance public health. Further expected benefits are related to academic training and the setting up of health research networks, efficient water management and the protection of natural ecosystems in Africa.
To dowload the programme, please click here: http://circa.europa.eu/Public/irc/rtd/rtdafr2010call/library?l=/africa-programmepdf/_EN_1.0_&a=d
To register, please click here: http://ec.europa.eu/yourvoice/ipm/forms/dispatch?form=AFRICAInfoday&lang=en

Networking Event in the field of water management and sanitation Europe-Africa-EECA
16-17 September 2009

FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Vienna, Austria
In order to continue the dialogue between Europe, Africa and EECA on networking and cooperation, an International Workshop is organised in Vienna in mid-September. In the frame of the FP6 Project INT-ER-LINK, the Workshop aims to disseminate the project results and to facilitate networking with R&D and development cooperation players from Member States, Associated Candidate Countries, African and EECA Countries with focus on water management and sanitation. The second day will be a brokerage event on water research in the EU-FP7. Following the joint Africa-EU strategy (2007) and the cross thematic ?Africa call? – between the Environment, Food and Health Themes – mentioned above, the Brokerage Event in the frame of FP7 Project ENV-NCP-TOGETHER aims to initiate competitive proposals for the ongoing calls of the EU Framework Programme in the field of water management and sanitation and to help lift the barriers for cooperation between Europe and Africa and between research organisations and companies. For further information please visit the http://www.b2match.com/watervienna09 homepage.