Jul 05, 2011

European Commission has released its proposal for the next multiannual financial framework (2014 - 2020)

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Annual EU budgets shall comply with the multiannual financial framework laid down in a unanimously adopted Council Regulation with a consent of the European Parliament.

On the evening of Wednesday 29 June 2011, the European Commission presented its proposal for the next Multi-Financial Framework (2014 – 2015). This proposal will serve as a basis for the negotiations that are going to take place in the months to come in view of the adoption of the final Multi-Financial Framework.

Within this document, the GMES programme is dealt with in section 5.8.2 “Large scale projects”. In this section, the Commission proposes to foresee the funding of the GMES programme outside the multiannual financial framework after 2014.
This is also reflected in the summary table provided on page 6 of the Commission’s proposal, where GMES appears outside the multiannual financial framework, with a total budget of 5841 Million Euros over the entire period (which represents 834 Million Euros per year).

The entire proposal can be downloaded from the Europa website at the following address “EC-EUROPA”: http://ec.europa.eu/budget/biblio/documents/fin_fwk1420/fin_fwk1420_en.cfm

Source GMES.Info