Jul 10, 2012

EuroGEOSS broker: Finding common ground for Earth Sciences

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Earth sciences data is everywhere – but how do you put that data to work in a world that doesn’t know the boundaries between different scientific pursuits? That question has long been problematic for researchers in the Earth sciences.

Many different Earth observation programs collect data, but collecting, sharing, and understanding that data in a multi-disciplinary way has been difficult, to say the least. Understanding global environmental problems will take input from a myriad of sources, from social sciences to Earth science data.

“Nature doesn’t realize that fire, and water and drought are different disciplines,” said Dr. Jay Pearlman, an IEEE fellow. Now data gathered across disciplines is working harder than ever to erase boundaries, with online tools that make it easy to search and interpret multiple sources of information.

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Source: “Earthzine“http://www.earthzine.org/ and eoportal