May 02, 2014

EuroGeographics encourages wider use of pan-European geoinformation by extending Open Data coverage

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More than 1,500 users have downloaded pan-European data from EuroGeographics since its 1:1 million scale topographical database, EuroGlobalMap was released as as Open Data.

A survey examining how EuroGlobalMap is being used revealed a wide range of applications including air traffic analysis, emergency services accessibility studies, mobile mapping, demographic and socio economic analysis, hydrology and ferry line mapping. It has also helped to create archaeological distribution maps and energy and environment models, and been well received by those working in the education sector.

“We want as many people as possible to use our Open Data as a first step in discovering the wider benefits of pan-European geoinformation,” says EuroGeographics’ Operations Manager, Sallie White. “Feedback from users indicates that they greatly value free data from authoritative sources that is up to date and covers a range of European countries. We are therefore delighted to announce that EuroGlobalMap’s coverage has now been extended to include the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, as well as updated administrative and road network information and enhancements to the hydrology theme.”

Providing EuroGlobalMap free of charge under an Open Data licence as part of a Freemium model has introduced hundreds of people to the benefits of EuroGeographics pan-European products:

  • EuroBoundaryMap – a seamless geo-database at the scale 1:100 000 covering 41 countries;
  • EuroRegionalMap – seamless and harmonised topo-geographic information at 1: 250 000 scale covering 33 European countries;
  • and EuroDEM – a digital elevation model.

The initiative is an important part of EuroGeographics’ commitment to provide easy access to – and encourage increased use of – data from National Mapping, Land Registry and Cadastral Authorities. It has also helped to raise the Association’s profile, further establishing EuroGeographics and its members as a trusted source of geoinformation. EuroGlobalMap can be downloaded free at

For more information about EuroGeographics’ pan-European products, visit ends For further information please contact Rhian French on +44 1264 300126, +447892 698 350 (mobile) or email:

About EuroGeographics Products

EuroBoundaryMap is a seamless geo-database at the scale 1:100 000 covering 41 countries It contains geometry, names and codes of administrative and statistical units continuously updated by members and links to the updated statistical LAU- and NUTS-codes for all local administrative units of the 28 member states of the European Union. EuroGlobalMap is a 1:1 million scale topographic dataset covering 46 countries and territories in the European region. It can be used as a background for many applications from planning, monitoring and network analysis to presenting environmental policies. EuroRegionalMap provides seamless and harmonised topo-geographic information at 1: 250 000 scale covering 33 European countries: 26 EU member states (Bulgaria not included), 4 EFTA states (Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland), Moldova , Serbia, and Georgia.

It is ideal for a wide range of uses, including spatial analysis, cartographic publishing and backdrop visualisation, or in combination with other datasets for marketing planning and socio-economic analysis, environmental analysis, and transport management. EuroDEM (digital elevation model) describes the distribution of terrain or ‘bare earth’ heights, not including ‘first surface’ elevations such as vegetation and man-made structures. Its uses include environmental change research, hydrologic modelling, resource monitoring, monitoring mapping and visualisation.

To find out more about EuroGeographics, please visit To see our members’ geographical information in action, please visit our showcase

Source Directionsmag