Sep 04, 2009

Euroconsult: Data, Earth Observation Markets Will Exceed $1 Billion in 2009

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Commercial data and satellite-based Earth observation sales will top $1 billion in 2009, with figures nearly quadrupling by 2018, according to a Euroconsult study released Sept. 3.

Commercial data sales are projected to grow on average by 16 percent per year, reaching $3.9 billion by 2018.

The report, “Satellite-Based Earth Observation,” highlights that about 260 Earth observation and meteorology satellites will be launched in the next 10 years, generating $27.4 billion in manufacturing revenues compared to only 128 satellites and $20.4 billion in revenues the previous decade.

Euroconsult CEO Pacôme Revillon said the growth is driven by the government sector. “Today, government demand accounts for over 80 percent of commercial Earth observation data and service revenue. … Initiatives such as the European Union’s Global Monitoring for Environment and Security will provide further impetus for services usage, as the program is designed to develop operational Earth observation services for use by public entities,” Revillon said in a statement.

Source Satellite Today