May 18, 2011

Eurisy report: forest and biomass management using satellite services

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An introduction for local and regional authorities, and forestry professionals

This report provides new ideas to local and regional authorities, and forestry professionals, who actively seek to leverage innovation in their projects related to forestry and biomass.

It is an introduction to the potential benefits of using satellite information and services as tools for local energy strategies focusing on forestry and biomass.

This report is Eurisy’s contribution to the final output of the inter-regional project MORE4NRG, a toolkit on innovative approaches and tools for improving local energy strategies.

The focus on forestry and biomass comes from specific, on-going work carried out with Maramures County Council (Romania), one of the project partners, who are considering how to best exploit such resources.

Eurisy is grateful to the MORE4NRG partners for their collaboration and to the experts involved for their kind contribution in the drafting of this report.

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