Feb 15, 2016

EUMETSAT is preparing to exploit the Copernicus satellite (Sentinel-3A) on behalf of the European Union, in cooperation with ESA.

Under the Copernicus agreement it signed with the European Commission on 7 November 2014, EUMETSAT will be the operator of the Sentinel-3A satellite and will deliver its marine mission on behalf of the European Union, in cooperation with ESA.

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EUMETSAT will take over operations of the Sentinel-3A spacecraft in five months from now, upon completion of the ESA-led in-orbit commission phase, and will process Sentinel- 3 marine data and products at its Sentinel-3 Marine Centre for real time delivery to the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service and end-users.

Sentinel-3 is the second of five Copernicus missions to be operated by EUMETSAT, the first being the cooperative Jason-3 marine and climate mission launched on 17 January of this year.