Feb 07, 2014

Establishing appropriate relations between EU and ESA

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In a report published today, the European Commission presents the progress achieved in the analysis of the four options outlined in the November 2012 Communication “Establishing appropriate relations between the EU and ESA” (COM671).

The elements of analysis presented in this report seek to offer an insight into the various options and their ability to reduce structural issues and bring improvements to the current set-up of EU-ESA relations. These elements are however not, at this stage, sufficient to justify a conclusive choice among the options.

“Read more…”: http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/newsroom/cf/itemdetail.cfm?item_id=7263&lang=en&title=Commission-adopts-progress-report-on-establishing-appropriate-relations-between-the-European-Union-and-the-European-Space-Agency-%28ESA%29

(Source European Commission)