May 24, 2014

EOMAP Announces Reseller Partnership with GeoOrbis

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(Munich May 23rd 2014) EOMAP, the leading provider of Satellite Derived Bathymetry and Earth observation data, announced today a reseller partnership with Caribbean-based GeoOrbis, a Barbados based company focused on geospatial solutions for the Caribbean. Under the terms of the partnership, GeoOrbis will leverage EOMAP’s multiple source Bathymetry products and its award-winning Satellite Derived Water Quality platform to expand their geospatial product offerings.

“We are pleased to have GeoOrbis join EOMAP as a valued reseller,” said Matthew Bergin, Vice President of EOMAP Americas. “This partnership helps to further expand EOMAP’s footprint into an area that will benefit greatly from our unique bathymetry and water quality offerings. GeoOrbis has a solid roster of Caribbean based customers and we look forward to helping expand their sales and profits.”

“The EOMAP Bathymetry products and Water Quality platform products will provide our clients with derived products that are ready to use in their own analysis and mapping projects,” said Craig Batstone, Managing Director of GeoOrbis. “Most of the Caribbean territories are still in the process of developing base mapping data and starting to transition into the development of geospatial analysis tools, so the EOMAP products provide a valuable time saving option for our clients to move directly into analysis.”

EOMAP GmbH & Co.KG, an independent company located at Seefeld, near Munich, Germany is at the vanguard for optical remote sensing services in the aquatic sector.

Their offered solutions rely on standardized physical models and work independently of scale, sensor type, and geographic location. Pioneering in the field of satellite derived Bathymetry, their services are applied for environmental monitoring and spatial explorations of coastal zones, inland waters, wetlands and other areas requiring high precision mapping. The sophisticated map products as well as classification software solutions based on multi to hyperspectral remote sensing data are helmed by a strong team of natural scientists with niche expertise.

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GeoOrbis, Inc. is a Barbados-based geospatial technologies firm that provides products and services to both public and private sector clients throughout the Caribbean. Our services include geospatial project management, application development, GPS asset collection, GIS based asset management, imagery classification and base mapping.

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