Jul 11, 2016

EOEP-5 Industry Consultation Workshop: Presentations

Organizers: ESA, in cooperation with EARSC
Participants/invitees: European and Canadian Space industry
Time and place: 09.00-16.30, June 7 2016, ESRIN, Frascati

Estimated Article Reading Time: 2 min.

The EO satellite sector is evolving rapidly, both in terms of data availability and new commercial initiatives. Copernicus, the world’s first operational multi-platform EO programme is becoming a reality with four Sentinel satellites already in orbit. New and innovative satellite operators are entering the market especially in the US, new data sources are emerging – including unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and crowd or citizen sources using mobile technologies. Large IT companies such as Google and Amazon are seeking to establish global, geospatial initiatives (eg. Terra Bella).

Europe has an active and vibrant EO services sector, with over 500 companies spread through the Member States making over €900m revenues and generating nearly 7000 highly skilled jobs in 2014. Most of these companies are very small, but represent a highly skilled industry providing leading-edge EO-based products & services. The challenge will be to nourish these capabilities and ensure competitiveness and growth in the European and global market-place over the years to come.

In the Earth Observation Envelope Program (EOEP5) proposal to the 2016 ESA ministerial meeting, ESA is introducing elements aimed at addressing these challenges for the period 2017-2021, and will present the plans for discussion. ‘EO-Innovation Europe’ will address key enabling technologies such as application platforms, while other elements will focus on expanding use of EO and uptake within key demand sectors. A first consultation meeting between ESA and EARSC was held in September 2015 focusing on the exchange of ideas for the creation of a new environment for EO data exploitation and innovation in Europe, in line with the new ground segment evolution strategy. These discussions have continued and the latest status will be reviewed,

The objectives of this Industry Consultation were to discuss the following issues :

  • ESA’s current plans and proposals for activities under EOEP5
  • Which user sectors (public and private) offer the greatest opportunity to expand and grow demand for what types of EO-based information?
  • Develop a common understanding with respect to key enabling technologies required to support the European EO service sector
  • What support actions are required from ESA for Industry to fully realize these opportunities (short-term, mid-term)?


Workshop Summary Report

Industry Consultation Workshop – Agenda

ESA in cooperation with EARSC held this Industry Consultation workshop. Conclusions will actively take part in shaping the 5th ESA Earth Observation Envelope Program, planned to start early 2017.

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