Feb 26, 2013

EO Services Industry Perspective on the Governance of GMES / Copernicus

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The governance of Copernicus remains an unresolved concern. The attached EARSC position paper expresses the views of industry both towards the overall governance and the role that industry should play. In the paper, we look at the EU policy context of Copernicus, then the policies that will define the programme. We give our views on the issues that are key to the governance and then those that are of particular importance for industry. We provide some conclusions and recommendations including that we shall set-up an industry forum based around the EARSC working group.

There is no doubt that the European EO services industry will play an important part in helping to ensure that Copernicus meets goals set for growth and competitiveness. EARSC looks forward to future discussion on the governance of Copernicus and the role that this developing industry can play,

EARSC Position Paper on GMES Copernicus Governance final (Feb 2013)