Dec 03, 2012

Ecological and economic goals can be mutually beneficial: the case of GMES, downstream markets and jobs creation

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A Final Draft version of the Executive Summary of the Final Report of the “European Earth Observation (EO) and GMES Downstream Services Market Study”, performed under the first Specific Contract of the Framework Service Contract 89/PP/ENT/2011 – LOT 3 (“Support to GMES related policy measures”) is available.

It represents a preliminary draft summary of key findings, for the purpose of obtaining feedback from the Commission and key stakeholders, in support of the final delivery in December 2012.

The specific objective is to assess the potential market value for European Earth Observation and GMES downstream services (with a focus on noninstitutional markets), and the potential resultant impact on employment. It is based on a highlevel assessment of the market potential across relevant sectors of economic activity in Europe. Using a combination of case-based bottom-up analysis and top-down industry assessments, the study seeks to project the future markets for downstream services over a long-term time horizon (2015-2030).

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