Apr 30, 2013

Earth observation satellite set for launch

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PARIS, April 29 (UPI) — Vietnam’s first Earth observation satellite is set for launch Friday by French aerospace company Astrium under a 2010 contract.

The VNREDSat-1, developed and built by Astrium, is an optical satellite capable of taking images of the Earth with a resolution of about 2.5 yards.

The satellite’s ground control, image receiving and processing stations in Vietnam were also built by Astrium.

VNREDSat-1 is another of Astrium Satellites’ export successes,” said Eric Beranger, chief executive officer of Astrium Satellites. “This new satellite is further proof that our teams are among the best in the world; aside from their technological expertise and exemplary cost management, they also provide excellent customer support spanning from system design to in-situ operator training.

“We intend to continue in this vein, further boosting our competitiveness and consolidating our position as the world’s leading exporter of Earth observation satellites.”

The satellite is being launched from a facility in French Guiana.

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