Mar 10, 2005

Earth Observation Industry Summit

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Earth Observation Industry Summit

The first Earth Observation Industry Symposium was held on February 2005 co organized by EARSC (European Association of Remote Sensing Companies) and EUROSPACE (Association of European Space Industry) under the umbrella of the European Union as a part of its first Earth and Space Week.

The Summit was a success due to the active participation of representatives and delegates from space agencies, international organizations (governmental and non governmental alike) and industry from a very large number of countries, thus setting the scene to foster European and International collaboration into getting Earth Observation views and perspectives. The summit included a variety of topics on advances in Global Monitoring of Environment and Security (GMES) Services, opportunities for business in high tech industry or commercial applications. A real success for our aim, Industry views putting openly and friendly on the Institutional table Space at the service of the citizen.

The timing is particularly appropriate for European Industry to gather and ambitiously present and discuss the way forward, considering the deployment of innovative new systems for Earth Observation in the framework of GMES, of advanced capabilities for new services, in particular through the emerging GALILEO and broadband Telecommunications, as well as contemplating inspiring successes and projects in Planetary exploration. The Summit was an excellent occasion to affirm and recognize the necessity to increase the synergies between all actors of the domain and follow up recommendation and conclusions to improve Industry views on Earth Observation Global programmes.

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