Apr 19, 2016

Earth Observation: Defense & Security,

© Euroconsult. The report assesses from an economic and political perspective the EO industry focus on defense and security. This is inclusive of national government supply and demand, and commercial solutions being developed to meet some of these requirements – both in manufacturing and in commercial data supply.

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Key trends, drivers & forecasts:

  • Current state of the market;
  • Assessment of commercial solutions
  • Regulatory and political framework for commercial data in IMINT
  • Market values & forecasts for commercial data and satellite procurement

Supply-side analysis (manufacturing & data):

  • Analysis of data supply to support defense applications
  • Government defense programs and initiatives
  • Commercial operators as data suppliers
  • The competitive environment for commercial data

Government customer requirements for IMINT/GEOINT:

  • Government attitudes toward procurement, analysis and benchmarking
  • Assessment of growing defense satellite export market
  • Requirements and demand for satellite imagery to support defense applications
  • Mechanisms for governments to gain access to data; development of proprietary systems, cooperation, commercial solutions…
  • Profiles of countries’ mechanisms to receive IMINT

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