Aug 04, 2014

[EARSC Networking Event] Horizon 2020 EO Services (25 September 2014, Brussels)

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EARSC Research Workshop: The EARSC event will be an occasion to find partners to work together in the next round of H2020 calls. Participants will learn more about the next round of calls and information on the instruments and legalities of the space research programme. It will be a splendid opportunity for networking with research institutions, academia and industry. Plus each participant will have the opportunity to present their ideas for partnering on projects under the next H2020 calls.

Programme 25th September 2014
Time: (14h00-18h00)
Venue: Greater Birmingham and West Midlands – Brussels Office. Av. d’Auderghem 22-28 Oudergemselaan, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium

14h00-14h05: Opening (EARSC)
14h05-14h30: EC DG-ENT (EO relevant Calls): Apostolia Karamali
14h30-14h55: EC DG-RTD (EO relevant Calls): Gilles Ollier
14h55-15h20: REA, H2020 Processes: Stijn Vermoote
15h20-15h30: Q & A
15h30-16h00: Coffee break
16h00-16h20: EARSC, Portal Research Area: Geoff Sawyer
16h20-18h00: 2 minutes session each participant and discussion
18h00: Networking & partner searches around a coffee break|

Organization registered/interested

Airbus DS, Anwendungszentrum GmbH, Assimila, Baden-Wuerttemberg State , BHO-Legal, CERTH/ITI, CGI, CloudEO, CLS, Deltares, Dluquiser, DLR, DMCii, EARSC, EC (RTD), EC (ENT), EC (REA), e-geos, EMVIS, EOmap, Eurogeographics, Eurosense, ERRIN, Fugro Survey, GIM, GMV, HERMESS, Hisdesat, INO (InsT. Optics) CNR, Interbalkan Env. Center (i-BEC), IDEA league, IRSA (U. Leicester), MSB CONSULTING, NDConsulting, Paragon Europe, Serco, SERTIT, SINTEF, SIRS, Terradue, TNO, UKRO, UK Research Office

Generic Info

Network session

The networking event will offer a session for each and every participating organization to present themselves and their ideas for partnering for H2020 projects. We invite all companies, research institutes, university departments to be part of the session accommodating 2 minutes presentation for each participant.

If you wish to present your interests (2 mins / 2 viewgraphs), please send your (2 transparencies contribution plus 3 lines biography) in advance to the EARSC secretariat with the following format:

  • Organization description
  • Skills/competences sought or offered and strength you can offer/bring to a project team

The following day, 26th September 2014, DG-RTD is organising a workshop on the industry engagement with GEO. The workshop will focus on exploring how to best develop the European EO industry through involvement in DG-RTD research activities for the creation of GEO-Copernicus/based innovative applications. Note that attendance will be by invitation from DG-RTD only.

Please let us know your participation interest at earsc