Jul 06, 2012

EARSC members meetings 05 and 06 July 2012, Brussels

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5th July 2012: Seminar on Future European Research programmes

EU views on research programme ,Space Research under FP7 and Horizon 2020, by Reinard Schulte-Braucks

ESA views on research programme ,Overview and planning for EOEP-4, by Stephen Coulson

Industry views on research programme by Chetan Pradhan, EARSC Vice-Chairman

Final list participans July 5

GMES Seminar:

GMES status and way forward. An ESA perspective by Jerome BEQUIGNON

Role and perspective of EEA by Ian DAVIDSON

Role and perspective of EUSC by Denis BRUCKERT

Open Data Policy Seminar:

Opening Seminar by Geoff SAWYER,

Contours of the Study on Economics of a free and Open Data Policy for GMES Sentinels Data by Mr. Marc de VRIES

European legislation in support of Open Data, Richard SWETENHAM

Overview of INSPIRE activities, Hugo de GROOF

Private sector meteorological services in Europe, Richard PETTIFER