Jan 18, 2010

e-GEOS (Telespazio/ASI provides satellite images and maps of earthquake-hit areas in Haiti under the European G-MOSAIC programme

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Within a few hours of the earthquake that devastated Haiti, e-GEOS (a Telespazio/Italian Space Agency company) went into action to provide the United Nations, the Spanish Red Cross and the Italian ministries of Foreign Affairs (crisis units) and Defence a series of georeferenced satellite maps of the affected areas to assist the relief and humanitarian aid operations.

The work was carried out under the European Commission’s G-MOSAIC (GMES Services for the Management of Operations, Situation Awareness and Intelligence for Regional Crises) project.

Specifically, on 16 January, following requests from the UN’s Department of Field Support, the G-MOSAIC Rapid Geospatial Reporting Service Team began supplying processed data, images and maps of the Haitian territory.

An initial assessment of the condition of the country’s road network, together with analysis of the damage sustained by the streets, was carried out with the support of e-GEOS. High-resolution satellite maps of the areas before and after the earthquake were then provided via optical data obtained by GeoEye and radar data from COSMO-SkyMed. Finally, preliminary work to assess the damage to buildings and the infrastructure is now under way.