Aug 01, 2011

e-GEOS signs a contract with ITT VIS to sell ENVI® and SARscape® software

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(July 27, 2011). e-GEOS recently signed a contract with ITT Visual Information Solutions, for the rights to sell ENVI and SARscape software, bundled with COSMO-SkyMed data.

e-GEOS uses ENVI and SARscape software to produce sophisticated services and applications from SAR data, and in particular from COSMO-SkyMed data, of which e-GEOS is the exclusive distributor world-wide.

In particular, the e-GEOS portfolio offers Change detection analysis of SAR images, multi-temporal interferometric analysis, rapid mapping, especially for emergency management services such as flood maps, reference maps, road trafficability analysis, damage assessment and risk management, infrastructure analysis, resource mapping, etc.

COSMO-SkyMed represents a tremendous competitive advantage as it opens up a new era of operational applications. The COSMO-SkyMed earth observation programme of the Italian Space Agency and the Italian Ministry of Defence, based on a constellation of four VHR SAR satellites, provides all-weather, day and night, world-wide radar data acquisitions. e-GEOS exploits COSMO-SkyMed data to offer near-real-time monitoring services and large-area mapping capabilities, in combination with its existing product and services portfolio, which comprises solutions for key vertical markets including emergency management, maritime surveillance, agriculture & forestry, cadastre, environmental protection, oil & gas, utilities and industries.

This agreement enhances the capacity of the two companies to build on their expertise in this field to create innovative technologies for the analysis and use of satellite images, providing software licenses together with COSMO-SkyMed data.

In the framework of this agreement is important to underline the advanced training program on ENVI and SARscape that e-GEOS has planned for clients and professionals interested.
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ITT Visual Information Solutions, a subsidiary of ITT Corporation, provides integrated software and services that help scientists, developers, image analysts, and medical professionals turn complex data into useful information.