May 06, 2016

Don’t miss the largest ever Earth observation conference

Media representatives are invited to the Living Planet Symposium for the latest results from Europe’s satellites and achievements of ambitious Earth observation initiatives.

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Held on 9–13 May at the Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic, the event brings together more than 3000 scientists and users from across the globe to present their latest findings on Earth’s environment and climate derived from satellite data.

The versatility of ESA’s Earth Explorer missions will be the main focus. The three missions in orbit are CryoSat, SMOS and Swarm. Over the past few years they have been providing new information on Earth’s cryosphere, soil moisture and ocean salinity, and magnetic field, respectively.

The Sentinel satellites have also played a major role in monitoring our environment and ensuring civil protection through Europe’s ambitious Copernicus programme. Four Sentinels have already been launched, and their data are being used to map and monitoring Earth’s changing lands, oceans, ice and atmosphere.

Results from ESA’s Envisat and ERS heritage missions, as well as from satellites flown by national space agencies, will also be featured in the week-long programme.