Aug 01, 2016

DigitalGlobe, Vricon and what3words team up for Rio Olympics security

Published by By Mahashreveta Choudhary on July 29, 2016

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The world’s biggest sporting extravaganza is scheduled to unveil in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro on August 5 with 42 Sports disciplines, 306 events, 37 venues, 206 participating nations, 10,500 athletes, all fighting for a single goal- national glory. Rio 2016, the first ever Olympics in Latin America since 1968, will present many security challenges. Brazil is known for protests, street crimes, and its slums. Large parts of the city are off-limits to tourists and street crime is common.

Brazil witnesses around 52,000 murders a year and Rio over three a day. With Islamic terror attacks tearing apart Middle East and now becoming a regular affair in Europe, there are fears that Olympics could also be a soft target. Add to this mess, the Zika virus outbreak that has taken thousands of lives. But, there is an eye in the sky helping Brazil does this job better.

Since the announcement in 2009 that Rio de Janeiro would host the 2016 Summer Games, earth observation giant DigitalGlobe has been developing extensive security features for the event. With its fleet of World view satellites and deep analytics arsenal, DigitalGlobe is right on the job to ensure the safety of participants and spectators. For the purpose the Earth Observation giant has bundled three products- Basemap+Daily, Human Landscape and Vricon DSM. A total of 85,000 security personnel will ensure the security of the summer games. And now they have the finest grade geospatial data and technology up their arsenal to achieve this mission. When the eyes of the world turn to Rio, be confident you have the best contingency plan possible to keep your athletes and spectators safe.