Nov 04, 2014

DigitalGlobe Unveils 30 cm Imagery from WorldView-3

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A New Era of Information and Insight About out Changing Planet

DigitalGlobe’s latest WorldView-3 satellite provides imagery with unprecedented quality that allows our customers to see the Earth clearly and in new ways resulting in valuable information to save lives, resources and time.

In recent weeks, we’ve shared with you how WorldView-3 can see through smoke, and how the oil and gas industry can benefit from our superior resolution. Today we will share with you the first-ever-released 30 cm images from a commercial satellite, and interactive examples of the valuable information that can be extracted.

Before now, the only way to capture remotely sensed images at 30 cm resolution was from a camera mounted to the bottom of an airplane. But decision makers who rely on aerial imagery are dependent on costly, limited, geographic coverage and sporadic frequency, especially over large or remote regions. DigitalGlobe’s WorldView3 satellite, allows our customers to see the world with great fidelity, not just in one place at one time, but covering large areas on a frequent basis, at virtually any point on the globe.

WorldView-3’s super-spectral 30 cm imagery allows for fast and precise mapping of various features anywhere in the world – Madrid, Spain being the area of interest for this blog. To illustrate how much more visual information is contained in 30 cm image, examine the slider below.