Jun 22, 2014

DigitalGlobe to Offer new Oil and Gas Suite of Services From Spatial Energy

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[Via Satellite 06-20-2014] DigitalGlobe has begun offering new oil and gas industry products from the recently acquired Spatial Energy. The new DigitalGlobe Energy Suite has online, subscription-based offerings for enterprise oil and gas customers through Spatial on Demand, the cloud-based data management platform from Spatial Energy.

The offering provides instant access to data and insights that can be integrated into desktop workflows. The new subscription service will be available to Spatial on Demand customers starting on July 1, 2014. The first set of products in this suite includes Basemap +Energy, FirstLook +Energy and Landscape +Energy, three services targeted for global mapping, disaster response and foundational imagery, respectively.

“With this new product suite, our customers will be able to meet their global enterprise requirements with access to more accurate, timely and consistent data for prospect evaluations, drilling, seismic, pipeline and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) decisions,” said Bud Pope, president of Spatial Energy. “Rapidly accessible, high quality data delivered directly to the desktop will significantly reduce the cycle time for making better decisions.”