Aug 09, 2013

Defence and Intelligence Conference in London, 21st – 23rd January, 2014

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QEII Conference Centre, London, UK. ““

The DGI (Defence Geospatial Intelligence) Conference & Exhibition brings together heads of defence geospatial intelligence, remote sensing, GIS data & mapping, satellite imagery and analysis within the military, governmental, and intelligence sectors. It attracts professionals who are responsible for using, and integrating, geo based capabilities in their operations and organizations.

DGI provides a unique forum for defence intelligence professionals to discuss and debate the development of geospatial intelligence capabilities. Over 700 senior defence and security executives from 46 countries attend the Defence Geospatial Intelligence (DGI) in Westminster, London, to discuss the future role of GeoInt, Data and Cyber Security in their organisations, to debate new strategies, future collaboration plans, and to find solutions to their current Geo challenges.

Focusing On The Challenges That Most Affect Geo Professionals:

  • CONTINGENCY PLANNING – Learn about the latest ideas and strategies for effective and interoperable defence and intelligence capability in the urban environment.
  • NATIONAL SECURITY – Build your homeland security strategy based on experiences and tools from colleagues who are fighting terrorism the world over.
  • LITTORAL FOCUS – develop an understanding of geospatial and intelligence support of operations and security missions in coastal waters around your country.
  • MARITIME DOMAIN – get the latest insight into real time maritime surveillance of ships and environmental, defence and economic security
  • BIG DATA & CLOUD – Tackle the challenges of big data storage, analysis and exploitation in intelligence and defense operations. Special focus on using and integrating open source data.
  • IT ARCHITECTURE – develop an effective data and IT architecture to support interoperable and scalable intelligence functions
  • NORTH AMERICA DAY – gain insight into cutting edge strategies used in intelligence and geospatial support capabilities in the USA and Canada.
  • ARCTIC FOCUS – giving you insight into the challenges and opportunities of northern passage real time surveillance, environmental matters, maritime and littoral issues.

Supported by the UK MoD, the NGA, US Army, NATO, Australian DoD, the EU and many more international military and governmental organisations, DGI combines a high level conference, with a large exhibition hall, to combine unparalleled networking, benchmarking and learning opportunities into one event.

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