Sep 02, 2013

Creative opportunity for application developers interested in Earth Observation and Very High-Resolution satellite imagery

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European Space Imaging’s High-Res Challenge is looking for application ideas using very high-resolution satellite data and is open for submissions until 15th September.

The Challenge, which opened on June 15th, is reaching its final stages but is still accepting registrations. The winner of the Challenge will receive up to €20,000 of imagery data to support the realization of their idea.

The High-Res Challenge is very open, leaving creative developers free to propose their ideas almost without restraint. The one essential ingredient is that each idea must contain very high-resolution satellite imagery. Applications that cut costs and create efficiencies in any area or market are of high interest, especially if they are easily implementable and sustainable.

Using Earth Observation data is a growing area of interest as governments, industry and business realize the value of satellite imagery in offering quick, cost efficient solutions for analysis, monitoring and planning. This Challenge seeks to create an open field for new application ideas using 50 cm optical satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-2 satellite. It is part of the Copernicus Master’s, the European Earth Monitoring competition which awards prizes for innovative solutions for business and society based on Earth Observation data.

An unwritten side to the Challenge is that winners also receive ongoing support from the Challenge partner in the development of their idea. As proof of this, last year’s Challenge winner Hans van ‘t Woud, Cerberus-Blackshore, has been able to promote and develop his idea together with the Challenge partner, assisting him to develop his networks which has the potential to lead to further opportunities and future backing.

Developing new applications for Very High-Resolution (VHR) satellite data is a continuing aim of satellite imagery providers, not only because the data can be processed to extract useful information but also because new technologies allow for new applications and uses of these data sets.

Deadline for entries is September 15. Further information is available at

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