Feb 27, 2014

Copernicus User Awareness & Training Event, 9-10th April, Tallinn, Estonia

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A two-day event bringing together users and experts to raise awareness of the benefits of Copernicus data and information, and providing attendees with the opportunity to participate in hands-on training and knowledge exchange activities.

This is the third of three Awareness events that have taken place and provide a link to the website

DAY ONE, Wednesday 9th April

  • Users presenting and sharing their experiences on the use and uptake of Copernicus data and information.
  • European key speakers providing an overview on the current status of the Copernicus programme and how it can provide benefits to European societies.
  • Networking and poster session illustrating the practical uses of Copernicus data and information across four thematic areas: Emergency, Land, Marine and Atmosphere.
  • Panel discussions exploring opportunities and challenges in the use of Copernicus data and information.

DAY TWO, Thursday 10th April

  • Four parallel hands-on half-day training workshops demonstrating the practical use and application of Copernicus data and information across the following thematic areas:

Emergency Management:Applications addressed include natural disasters, man-made emergency situations, and humanitarian crises
Land Monitoring: Applications addressed include agricultural monitoring, water availability monitoring, soil erosion monitoring, forestry monitoring, soil sealing and land take
Atmosphere Monitoring: Applications addressed include air quality monitoring including ozone, UV & solar energy, emissions, and climate forcing
Marine Monitoring: Applications addressed include marine environment monitoring (sea surface temperature, salinity), support of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, and coastal ecosystem analysis
  • Open forum and plenary discussion summarising the main conclusions from the event.


  • Raise and enhance the awareness of Copernicus data and information to new and existing users.
  • Demonstrate and provide hands- on training on how to access and
    use Copernicus data and information.
  • Bring together domain experts, experienced, and new users of Copernicus data and information, to share insights about current developments and opportunities.

Copernicus is the European Earth Observation and Monitoring Programme, previously known as GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security).
Information gathered, processed, and relayed by Copernicus helps us to improve the management of our natural resources, monitor the quality of our waters and air, plan our cities, ease the flow of transportation, optimise our agricultural activities and promote renewable energy.
Copernicus delivers reliable information to help us better understand our planet and sustainably manage the environment we live in.
Copernicus services address six main thematic areas:

  • Land Monitoring
  • Marine Monitoring
  • Atmosphere Monitoring
  • Emergency Management
  • Security
  • Climate Change

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