May 19, 2015

Copernicus Information Day on Access to Marine Data Stream from EUMETSAT

In 2015, EUMETSAT will support the commissioning of the Copernicus Sentinel-3A satellite by ESA, following its expected launch in October. EUMETSAT will also start to extract marine products at its multi-mission facilities in Darmstadt and to deliver these, as well as other products from Jason-3, EUMETSAT and other third party missions from the US, China, India, in a unique data stream available across the EU and EUMETSAT’s Member States.

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To prepare users to access this unique and integrated Marine data stream, the European Commission and EUMETSAT are pleased to invite you to attend a “Copernicus Users Information Day”, planned to take place at EUMETSAT headquarters (Darmstadt, Germany) on 11 September 2015. A 1-pager presenting the Information Day and its programme is enclosed.

The website and registration page are now available. Please register by connecting on :

Please note that participation will be limited to 120 Pax. Early registration is important.