Feb 13, 2015

Complete Envisat MERIS FRS L1/L2 dataset available online

The systematic bulk processing of the MERIS Level 2 Full Resolution Full Swath dataset has been completed, and the FRS Level 2 products (MER_FRS_2P) have been made available to users on the ESA centralised dissemination server together with the previously released MERIS FRS Level 1 data (MER_FRS_1P).

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The dataset now comprises the complete MERIS FRS Level 1 and Level 2 data archive from the Envisat mission spanning from 17 May 2002 to 08 April 2012. MERIS FRS density maps are available providing an overview of the data coverage.

With the delivery of this additional dataset, ESA is at present offering free access to nearly 340TB of Envisat MERIS Full and Reduced Resolution data for direct download online.

Data quality:

A first quality assessment has been carried out on the entire FRS L1/L2 dataset preceding the release of the Level 2 products. Following recommendations from the MERIS Quality Working Group, segregation of a selection of MERIS FRS L1/L2 products have been performed in order to allow for distinction of data known to be of non-nominal quality without removing them from the archive. A list of segregated orbits and the reasons for segregation is available on the dissemination server together with the data.

A number of corrupted Level 1 (MER_FRS_1P) products have been identified and replaced by nominal quality products. Details of these and other Level 1 products that for quality reasons have been removed from the dissemination servers are also given.

Data access:

The MERIS FRS L1 and L2 datasets are distributed as follows:

HTTP: http://merisfrs-merci-ds.eo.esa.int/merci (Area/time extraction and bulk download via MERCI) FTP: ftp://merisfrs-ftp-ds.eo.esa.int Media: NAS disks for large data requests

Users already registered for the MERIS FRS service (FTP/HTTP) can access the Level 2 dataset using the same credentials as previously received for the Level 1 data.

For new users, access to the bulk processed FRS Level 1 and Level 2 dataset via HTTP and FTP is provided upon Fast Registration via the My Earthnet area on the ESA Earth Online website. Full Proposal is required for delivery on media in case of large data requests.

Regular MERIS FR/FRS users are reminded that the MERIS Full Resolution on demand production service has been phased out and should make use of the bulk processed on-line data instead.