Jun 07, 2016

COMPETENCE-BASED PROMOTION - innovative competences of a geographer on the modern labour market

The Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences of Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) in Poznań, Poland carries out a practical-placement programme: “COMPETENCE-BASED PROMOTION – innovative competences of a geographer on the modern labour market: a high-quality practical-placement programme for students of Earth sciences at the Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences of AMU, no. POWR.03.01.00-00-S159/15”.

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The program is funded by the European Union and refers to student placements in European companies.

The programme embraces a group of students of the last two semesters of diploma studies (the 3rd year of 1st-degree studies and the 2nd year of 2nd-degree studies) majoring in geography, geoinformation, environmental management and remote sensing.

A total of 200 students will take part in it. The duration time of the project: 1st edition: 1 May – 31 December 2016, and 2nd edition: 1 January – 31 December 2017.

The goal of the Competence-Based Promotion project is to make it easier for our graduates to enter the labour market by equipping them with competences expected by employers. The placements are intended to allow them to gain knowledge about the operation of employers and a skill in moving around in the professional community, to use specialised knowledge in practice, and to acquire professional experience.

Under the project, students are obliged to do a three-month practice embracing a minimum of 120 hours per month. They will receive 2,000 zlotys (455 euros) monthly as well as an insurance and a medical examination. If the practice is done outside their domiciles, they will be refunded the costs of journeys and accommodation.

The employer will give students expendable materials necessary for the tasks the placement involves to the amount of 195 zlotys (44 euros) per month. The placements will be regulated by a three-party (employer – AMU – student) agreement.

Jan Piekarczyk
Associate professor, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań.
Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences Institute of Physical Geography and Environmental Planning Department of Cartography and Geomatics
piekjan@amu.edu.pl T: 0048 61 829 6235