Nov 26, 2014

Climate Engineer SCISYS Deutschland

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For the location in Darmstadt (Germany) we are looking for a Climate Engineer for the EU project Quality Assurance and Essential Climate Variables at EUMETSAT.

The QA4ECV (Quality Assurance for Essential Climate Variables) project is an international effort, funded under Theme 9 (Space) of the European Union Framework Program 7, which will develop a Quality Assurance (QA) system for observational data products. The QA4ECV project is led by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and EUMETSAT is a funded partner. The tasks of the key person will be carried out mainly at EUMETSAT facilities in Darmstadt, but travel within Europe is likely to be required for project progress meetings.

The tasks of the key person will include:

  • Assess the quality of satellite input data to be used in the BRDF/albedo product algorithm;
  • Support the BRDF/albedo definition; development, and algorithm specifications for the QA4ECV project;
  • Support to algorithm adaptation and processing environment development;
  • Implementation of the algorithm software into the EUMETSAT operational processing environment;
  • Generation of data records;
  • Analysis of the data record quality employing quality monitoring procedures and other validation techniques and data as appropriate;
  • Acquisition of relevant data from internal and external sources to support product quality monitoring;
  • Sharing of new retrieval scheme and processing procedures with international partners (e.g. JMA, NOAA/NCDC);
  • Support implementation, processing and validation of the product with other international partners e.g. JMA, NOAA/NCDC;
  • Preparation of QA4ECV data for ingestion into the EUMETSAT Data Centre;
  • Compilation of relevant data set documentation including validation reports, user guides and format descriptions;
  • Compilation of project result presentations and participation in project progress meetings.