Aug 26, 2014

Canadian investment in innovative mapping system for global water survey

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The government of Canada has announced that it is investing, through Canadian Space Agency (CSA), in innovation that will play a pivotal role in the first worldwide survey of surface water.

A funding of 3.3 million is announced for the Communications and Power Industries Canada Inc (CPI, Canada) to develop an Extended Interaction Klystron (EIK), which is a satellite radar component that will produce pulses used to collect surface information.

The government investment will generate useful information to more efficiently manage water resources, prepare for potential flooding, and help avoid costly damage from drought or flooding besides pushing local high-technology jobs and economic growth.

Earlier on February 7, James Moore, Minister of Industry had announced that through this project the Canadian government is promoting excellence in a key technological capability and positioning private sector at the forefront of space activities.

The Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission of NASA brings together French and US researchers to conduct the first global survey of Earth’s surface water, measure how water bodies change over time and observe the fine details of the ocean’s surface topography.

SWOT data could lead to improvements in many water-related services in Canada, including operations at sea and water management systems, and will render measurements for rivers and lakes in Northern Canada where none currently exist.

Source Canadian Space Agency and geospatial