May 12, 2015

Canada Releases a Report on the Value of their Geomatics Sector

May 5, 2015—The Summary Report of the Canadian Geomatics Environmental Scan and Value Study, prepared by Hickling Arthurs Low and associates for Natural Resources Canada is now available for “download”:

Estimated Article Reading Time: 1 min.

The report provides highlights on the geomatics sector in Canada; domestic and global trends (market, technology, social, economic, open data) involving geospatial information and Canada’s position relative to those trends; the significance and value of the geomatics sector and geospatial information to Canadian society and the economy; and, the traditional and changing roles of government, industry and academia in producing and using geospatial data and information as new opportunities driven by global trends and new players in the market emerge.

The two Findings Reports that make up The Canadian Geomatics Environmental Scan and Value Study represents the most comprehensive assessment of geomatics and geospatial information in Canada to date:

  • The Canadian Geomatics Environmental Scan Findings Report is an independent assessment of the sector, the key players and its operating context;
  • The Value Study Findings Report is a detailed analysis of the economic and non-economic benefits associated with the use of geospatial technologies and services. It defines for the first time, the overall economic gains to the Canadian economy associated with the use of geospatial information.

Please visit the Canadian Geomatics Study page on the Natural Resources Canada web site for more information, or to download your copy of the Summary Report.