Jan 21, 2014

Call for Papers — Using Crowdsourcing to Further Earth Observation

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Earthzine.org’s “Citizens and Science: Using Crowdsourcing to Further Earth Observations” theme will explore the technologies, people, and organizations that enable the use of public knowledge and activity to further our understanding of the natural world.

This theme aims to highlight the ways that crowdsourcing — soliciting the general public or another large group of people to contribute to a given subject — can be applied to Earth Observations (EO) to further our understanding of the natural world.

Specific topics of interest for this theme include: •Crowdsourcing projects and initiatives of government and research agencies

•Crowdsourcing use cases, e.g., validation of remotely sense Earth Observations •Citizen science contributions to Earth Observation datasets •Grassroots aerial mapping projects and initiatives •Novel crowdsourcing approaches e.g.. original use of existing social media networks and technology.

Technological developments of the last few decades have radically altered the nature of information sharing and information gathering. These developments create opportunities to involve a new, larger population in the processes of gathering, distributing, and validating Earth Observations. Whether it is a small group of dedicated citizen scientists recording breeding bird locations or anonymous hundreds using social media to validate land cover maps, public contributions can help broaden and clarify key questions in Earth science.

We invite you to submit an article and become part of a growing, professionally diverse community and global readership network working. Submissions must be in English. Submit inquiries and articles to Guest Editors via Managing Editor Jeff Kart, jkart@earthzine.org.

Important dates: Submissions for the Crowdsourcing Theme will be accepted until Dec. 1, 2014.

Publication: All accepted contributions will undergo review by subject-matter experts, be published online at Earthzine.org, and be freely accessible to the public. Earthzine does not charge authors for publishing.

Please consult our Writer Guidelines for further information.

More Information:

  • Writer Guidelines: www.earthzine.org/writers-guidelines
  • Reviewer Guidelines: www.earthzine.org/about/reviewer-guidelines/
  • GEO/GEOSS website: www.earthobservations.org

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