Aug 25, 2016

Call for ideas on challenges addressed by a future Horizon Prize on environmental Earth observation

The Horizon Prizes aim at stimulating innovation and developing solutions to problems that matter to European citizens.

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Horizon Prizes are also known as inducement or challenge prizes, specify a target without prescribing how it may be achieved and offer a reward to those who most effectively meet the defined challenge. Prizes can also achieve a considerable leverage of private R&I investment and direct it towards solutions of particular societal challenges, providing a way to advance innovations that would not ordinarily develop through traditional routes (such as grants or procurements).

With the help of a group of independent experts, the European Commission is currently working on the design of a Horizon Prize in the field of environmental Earth Observation (EO), which could potentially be launched between 2017 and 2019.

The purpose of this prize would be to incentivise innovative solutions based on Earth observation addressing a specific environmental challenge affecting European citizens.

With this call for ideas, we aim at collecting opinions from a wide range of stakeholders on the most pressing challenges that could be addressed by this prize. Inputs received will be used to define a short list of topics to be considered in the definition of the prize.

As boundary conditions, we are looking for specific environmental challenges which could be addressed with the use of the a wide range of Earth observation data and information (from remote sensing to in-situ observations, including notably crowdsourcing and citizen science); ideally, solutions to the challenge selected should create new opportunities for European industry, while making a difference in the lives of citizens.

Please note that this is not a call for solutions to a specific challenge, but a call for ideas on potential challenges that would be covered by a prize.

A short series of questions have been prepared in order to guide you through this consultation but you are also very welcome to provide us with a document with your ideas that you can attach at the end of the survey.

Contributions are expected until 22/09/2016.
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