Jul 21, 2014

Businesses can now directly buy aerial imagery from Google

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Google recently launched the Google Maps for Business Imagery, thereby making it possible for companies to buy and use Google aerial imagery for the first time.

Businesses can now quickly acquire images using Google Maps Engine the moment they are available. By relying on Google’s cloud, they can directly view it either on a desktop GIS system via WMS or include it in Google Maps v3 JavaScript API web application. Alternately, the imagery can be accessed on mobile sites or native mobile applications or by overlaying directly within Google Earth. This will allow them to skip traditional delivery systems, such as an FTP or disc or the requirement of maintaining dedicated data servers.

“Businesses want accurate, comprehensive and useful maps, and with Google Maps for Business imagery, organizations now have better access to commercial, high-quality satellite photography”, said Vinay Goel, Product Director, Google Maps for Business. Google clarified that presently the Google Maps for Business imagery will only show imagery spanning the continental U.S. Currently, the maps are available only for the US region.

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