Nov 22, 2013

BlackBridge supports ESA’s Sentinel-2 mission

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(20 November 2013) As part of their long-standing relationship, BlackBridge has provided the European Space Agency (ESA) with a substantial time series of RapidEye imagery to support the Sentinel-2-prepatory project.

The aim was to collect imagery at the same time frequency Sentinel-2 will, as well as support the R&D activities relevant to the Sentinel-2 mission (e.g. agriculture, wetlands, coastal, food security and forest monitoring). RapidEye imagery was selected by ESA because of its spatial resolution and revisit capabilities.

The RapidEye imagery was collected between February and June 2013 with a 5-day revisit period over 14 selected sites around the world. This outstanding dataset is now publicly available and free of charge.

About BlackBridge

BlackBridge is focused on providing end to end solutions across the geospatial value chain. This includes satellite operations, ground station services, data center and geocloud solutions, and worldwide satellite imagery distribution through over 100 BlackBridge partners, combined with the creation of value added products and services.

(source: BlackBridge)