Jul 01, 2011

Astrium GEO CfP for EO Service Trials in China

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The European Space Agency has contracted Astrium GEO-Information Services – Infoterra GmbH to work on the “Geographic Expansion for European and Canadian EO Services”, with a specific focus on fostering the uptake of geo-information services based on High Resolution Radar Data in the fast growing market China.

Thus, Astrium GEO – Infoterra GmbH is now calling for proposals for small projects, so-called ‘service trials’.

This activity is aimed at supporting the European Value-Adding Sector in expanding its commercial activities beyond Europe. The limited uptake by non-EU markets being a key challenge for these companies today, the service trials can be an ideal opportunity to study what the opportunities are and propose activities for how they can be realized within a 5 year development action plan.

The focus of the Geographic Expansion activity is to develop business opportunities outside Europe for mature services that are already available on a commercial basis today and rely (at least partially) on using EO data from European missions. The work must take into consideration previous and ongoing activities carried out by ESA within the field of international cooperation.

Bidders are requested to deliver a service demonstrator, a service trial’s technical report and a short service specific business.

More details and the complete ITT documents are now available for download at http://www.infoterra.de/itt_servicetrials