Apr 18, 2013

Anyone may become a professional in space imagery! A new partnership program of ScanEx RDC

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ScanEx RDC initiates a new partnership program within the framework of the “Express Kosmosnimki project”. This program was named “Express.Kosmosnimki.Pro” and is intended for promotion and development of B2B partnership relations.

“Express.Kosmosnimki.Pro” — is the technological platform and business model for interaction with partners to provide to their customers and users access to the largest on the Russian territory space images database. The program opens wide possibilities of access to both archived and new data of world leading Earth observation programs: IKONOS, GeoEye, EROS A, EROS B, SPOT 5, Pleiades, UK-DMC2, RADARSAT etc.

Companies-developers of software products and integrators of geoinformation solutions, with whom partnership agreements have been signed, have already joined the partnership program.

Services for developers, having standard and extended interfaces for applications programming and data integration into information systems have already been rendered within the frames of the “Express Kosmosnimki” project:

— access to open basic coverage Kosmosnimki.Ru;
— access to commercial coverages:
– best as of today in geolocation accuracy (corresponding to 1:10000 scale) and resolution (0.5 m) coverage of the Russian territory with GeoEye-1 program data;
– ortho-mosaics of regions and archived coverage of the SPOT 5 program (2.5 m);
– world coverage with IKONOS data (0.8 m) of the territory over 50 million sq. km;
NEW! Thematic products based on new imagery data of Terra/Aqua MODIS, NPP, UK-DMC2, SPOT 5, EROS B.

Geoinformation services:
—OpenStreetMap mapping coverage;
— “Rumap” mapping coverage (Geocenter-Consulting);
— styled mapping coverages and thematic maps;
— prepare itineraries;
— geocoding of addresses and reverse geocoding;
— search for places of interest (POI).

The company is ready under the program to provide to the developers own Web-GIS platform GeoMixer with the possibility of local installation and connection to cloud hosting for own projects.

— Besides interaction with commercial players we count on attracting representatives of expert communities to this program – cadaster engineers, agricultural producers, scientific and university societies, etc. – in order to get feedback and organize a network interaction among professionals and businessmen. We believe this highly efficient for development of private initiatives partnership program, including state-of-the-art information, technological and expert resources, will enable to overcome the “entry threshold” of working with space images to a wider community, interested in geospatial information, — noted ScanEx RDC General Director Vladimir Gershenzon.

More information about “Express.Kosmosnimki.Pro” program is available at the website express.kosmosnimki.ru, and by e-mail: pro@scanex.ru.