Jan 15, 2008

Antrix Corp and Euromap GmbH Further Expand Cooperation

ANTRIX Corporation Limited (India) and Euromap GmbH (Germany) Further Expand Cooperation with New Agreement for CARTOSAT-1 Satellite Data Reception and Distribution

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Neustrelitz, January 14, 2008: Euromap GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of GAF AG, and ANTRIX Corporation Limited of India announced today their new agreement to expand Euromap�s participation in the Indian Remote Sensing satellite program with the reception and distribution of high-resolution stereo imagery from the Cartosat-1 (IRS-P5) satellite.

The Indian constellation of Earth Observation satellites is marketed through ANTRIX, the commercial arm of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), and Earth Observation Technologies LLC (EOTec) as agents for ANTRIX. Under the terms of the new three year agreement with ANTRIX and EOTec, Euromap will have the exclusive distribution rights in Europe to receive and distribute Cartosat-1 data collected over Europe and North Africa. Euromap represents the only receiving and distribution facilities for IRS satellite data in Europe. The new agreement marks the continuation of a successful cooperative partnership between Euromap, ANTRIX and the German Aerospace Center DLR, which started in 1996 when Euromap began receiving and distributing imagery from India�s IRS-1C and 1D satellites.

Cartosat-1 (IRS-P5) was successfully launched into a sun synchronous orbit on May 5, 2005 by India�s PSLV-C6 rocket and has a planned mission life of five to seven years. Cartosat-1 continues the long heritage of IRS remote sensing satellites with enhanced data quality delivered by two panchromatic (black and white) cameras for in-flight stereo viewing with 2.5 meter resolution and ~27 km swath. Cartosat-1 data is acquired by a world-wide network of ground receiving stations. Euromap�s ground station in Neustrelitz, Germany is owned and operated by DLR-DFD and has been successfully upgraded and added to the world-wide network to receive, process and distribute data from Cartosat-1. DLR systems will also be used to generate precise elevation models from the Cartosat-1 stereo data.

Dr. Rupert Haydn, CEO of Euromap GmbH recently stated: We are delighted to further expand Euromap`s product portfolio and offerings to the European user community that service from Cartosat-1 will bring. This is a further step in Euromap`s planned growth and involvement in the Indian EO satellite program and we also anticipate participating in the new Cartosat-2 program now that check-out has been completed on this new 1 meter high-resolution imaging satellite.

Dr. K.R. Sridhara Murthi, Executive Director of ANTRIX Corporation Limited recently stated: We welcome Euromap�s expanded level of participation in the IRS program. Cartosat-1 is an excellent mapping tool providing 2.5 meter stereo imagery which will serve the mapping and monitoring needs of Europe and Euromap�s customers most effectively. Euromap�s decision to participate in the Cartosat-1 program is a clear testimony to our long partnership which we hope to further expand in the coming years.

Mr. Timothy J. Puckorius, Chairman and CEO of EOTec recently stated: Euromap is the center of excellence for the use and distribution of IRS data in Europe. It�s only natural that EOTec would help expand Euromap�s long partnership with ANTRIX by including Cartosat-1 in its product portfolio. We expect to see this relationship further expand in the very near future.

About Euromap
Euromap Satellitendaten-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 1996 as a 100% owned subsidiary of GAF AG creating an efficient commercial structure to receive, archive and market satellite Earth Observation data in Germany. Experience and expertise in data reception and processing is optimally combined with marketing and distribution activities � providing the essential conditions for supporting a growing user-market in remote sensing data. Euromap GmbH is located in Neustrelitz, Germany.

About GAF AG
GAF AG is an internationally recognized company with leading competence and expertise in the development of products and services for applied remote sensing and spatial information systems. GAF AG offers a broad spectrum of applications including the procurement of geo-data e.g. satellite and aerial photography data; value added processing and software (applications) development delivering customized technical assistance projects and state-of-the-art information systems. GAF AG�s activities are managed by Dr. Peter Volk.

ANTRIX Corporation Limited, the commercial arm of Department of Space (DOS) was incorporated in September 1992 for the promotion and commercial exploitation of products and services from the Indian Space Program. ANTRIX draws upon its strength and the heritage from the experience and proven scientific achievements of the Indian Space Program over the past four decades. With this heritage, ANTRIX offers its national and international customers high quality earth observation data and value added services, satellite systems and sub systems, launch services through India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle and the Geostationary Satellite Launch Vehicle, lease of satellite telecommunications transponder capacity, ground systems and consultancy. Relying upon its strong capability to cater to end-to-end programs, ANTRIX has built an impressive array of prestigious customers in the field of Space.

About EOTec
EOTec is an international leader in the sale and distribution of advanced space borne and aerial products and services for applied remote sensing and spatial information systems. EOTec serves as managing agents for ANTRIX Corporation Ltd. for the global distribution of IRS satellite data, ground station systems, launch services and spacecraft and component manufacturing. EOTec�s activities are managed by Timothy J. Puckorius.

About DLR
DLR is Germany’s national research centre for aeronautics and space. Approximately 5600 people work for DLR; the center has 28 institutes and facilities at 13 locations in Germany. Its Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) is located in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich and Neustrelitz, supporting acquisition and data management of earth observation data with its multi-mission ground systems.