Aug 11, 2013

Andrews Space contracted for two Scout imaging spacecraft

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(6 August 2013) Andrews Space today announced that it has signed a contract with an undisclosed customer to deliver two Earth imaging microsatellites in 2014.

Scout is a low cost, high performance imaging spacecraft based on the Sentry 4000 microsatellite bus. Each Scout spacecraft relies heavily on products and components designed and built by Andrews Space integrated with a payload provided by an external partner. The satellite design is robust to allow for launch as a secondary payload on a variety of launch vehicles in either a vertical or cantilevered configuration.

“We are witnessing the beginning of a revolution in the Earth imaging market as companies and Government organizations embrace these emerging microsatellite technologies,” said Melissa Wuerl, Director of Programs and Business Development at Andrews Space. “Scout supports a variety of imaging payloads and can provide better than 1.5 meter resolution. At under 50 kg wet mass, it’s also cheaper to test, transport and launch than larger, traditional imaging satellites. In the satellite world we need to dream smaller, not bigger.”

Scout has a short delivery timeline achieved through use of previously qualified hardware and electronics and Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) aerospace components, thus minimizing development. Scout is built using a layered “deck” approach, which allows for individual satellite decks to be integrated and tested in parallel as full subsystems before integrating and testing the satellite overall.

All Andrews Products and Components are built domestically using Andrews’ AS9100C certified quality procedures for spaceflight hardware.

About Andrews Space

Andrews Space, Inc. was founded in 1999 to be a catalyst in the commercialization and development of space. The company is an affordable integrator of aerospace systems and developer of advanced space technologies.

(source: Andrews Space)