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EU-US Summit promotes cooperation using civilian space-based technologies

On 20 June 2005, a summit between the European Union and the United States of America brought together the Prime Minister and current President of the European Council, Jean-Claude Juncker, Commission President Jos?à Manuel Barroso, and US President George W. Bush in Washington D.C. The leaders explored means to eliminate impediments to further economic integration and to develop a forward-looking strategy to enhance the EU-US economic partnership.

EO to improve risk management of landslides and floods in Alpine regions

Under the 6th Framework Programme for Research (FP6) activity ?´Global Monitoring for Environment and Security?? (GMES), the Commission will provide ?Ñ1.1m support for a new research project, called ?¨ASSIST?Æ, on improving risk warning and risk management of landslides, avalanches, debris flows and floods in Alpine regions. The results of this project can easily be extended to other mountainous areas. Under GMES, the Commission is currently funding 14 projects. ASSIST is the latest and fifteenth project. Info extracted from Europa - RapidPress.

Environmental Research: Group on Earth Observations

A major section on the subject of Earth Observation (EO) has been added to the EU Environment Research website. Several new pages are now accessible via the website's homepage, comprising background information and up-to-date reports on the activities of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and the EO Summits, the most recent of which took place in Brussels in February 2005 during Earth & Space Week. Info extracted from EU-DG research.

Taking a virtual view of the world

Skimming virtually around 3D scenery is no longer the preserve of experts. New software developed in Europe lets users browse and interact in three dimensions with any part of our planet. Everyone from tourists to land planners stand to benefit. Terabytes of data daily flow downwards from remote-sensing satellites. Other useful data come from aerial photos and base maps. This information is commonly used for everything from town and country planning to tourism development. Source: Based on information from Vplanet

Research and development co-operation between Italy and Canada

Italy and Canada have stepped up their scientific co-operation by signing a series of agreements on research and development

UN-OOSA: Call for Expression of Interest (EOI)

United Nations Programme on Space Applications, OOSA would like to provide support to projects or activities using solutions based on space technology for Disaster Management activities in Southeast Asian countries.

Call for Membership

In these times of intensified European integration and co-operation, the role of EARSC is becoming increasingly vital, that is for, the Association maintains close links with key European Institutions, European Space Agency and National Space Agencies, providing a key unified voice on wider European issues. EARSC has the challenge to be a representative association at European level and a lobbying collective voice towards governments and data providers for a coherent and dynamic development of Earth Observation.

Next generation of automated coastal maps

The COASTCHART project, led by LogicaCMG, is entirely funded through the Data User Element (DUE) of the European Space Agency??s (ESA) Earth Observation Envelope Programme (EOEP). Once completed, the project will allow for the delineation of 6,000 kilometers of western African coastline, and will also enable standard navigation charts to be updated from space-based observations.

Europe moves closer to European Space Policy lift-off

Info extracted from Cordis News.
Ministers from the countries affiliated to the EU and/or the European Space Agency met on 7 June to take stock of progress towards the implementation of a European Space Policy. The policy is set to be approved at the next meeting of ministers in November.

UNEP Atlas - One Planet, Many People: Atlas of Our Changing Environmet

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in cooperation with NASA, United Geological Survey (USGS) and University of Maryland launched One Planet, Many People: Atlas for our Changing Environment - a publication that provides visual evidence of environmental change using satellite images, graphisc and text. The focus is on the status and trends over several decades, both in physical and human geography. The volume presents visual evidence of global environmental changes resulting from natural processes and human-induced activities. www.na.unep.net

SPOT expands marketing role of Terra image

SPOT Image appointed Terra Image USA as its master distributor for SPOT satellite imagery products and services. While Terra Image USA is already SPOT's exclusive partner for the U.S. civilian government markets since July 2004, its expanding role will include market developments and sales to the U.S. Department of Defense and commercial customers.

European space policy will take off before the end of 2005

The second European ?¨Space Council?Æ was held in Luxembourg. Ministers from the European Union (EU) and/or Space Agency (ESA) Member States encouraged the Commission to complete its proposal for a European space policy and programme due to be approved at a third Space Council meeting planned for the end of November 2005. For the first time, there has been a consensus of 29 European countries on a new European approach in the space sector. The roles of the different actors have been clarified, leading to a better use of existing resources. The Commission has proposed uniting resources in Europe with the objective of making the EU a key player in the space sector. Info extracted from EU

China, EU to sign seven contracts for Galileo program

BEIJING, June 9 (Xinhuanet) -- Galileo Joint Undertaking (GJU) and National Remote Sensing Center of China (NRSCC) will sign seven contracts soon, said a GIU official Thursday. The cooperation between China and European Union (EU) on satellite navigation is "crucially important" and expected to have a very successful future, said executive director Rainer Grohe in press release about the NRSCC officials' meeting. Info extracted from News-Xinhuanet

CSA and ASI: long-term agreement to formalize continued cooperation in EO

i-newswire.com. The newly ratified agreement lays the groundwork for ongoing cooperation on projects and activities in which Canada and Italy have a common interest. In particular, it will enable joint programs for Earth observation to be set up, and encourage participation by the space agencies, private companies, and universities of the two countries.

Further steps towards a European space policy

The second meeting of the Space Council ?± concomitant meeting of the ESA Council at ministerial level and of the European Union Competitiveness Council (Internal Market/Industry/Research) ?± was held at the Kiem Conference Centre in Luxembourg today. In consultation with private and public stakeholders, the Space Council is working on the definition of a coherent space policy and associated programmes, covering the activities of the EU, ESA and their Member States. The objective is to endorse, at the third Space Council meeting planned for November this year, a European space policy and European space programme for the period to 2013. Info extracted from ESA PR29-2005- 7 June 2005

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